The Community at the Crossing is made up of young people from across the USA and across Christian denominations who choose to take a year out of their normal pathway…

in order to study

to dive into community life

to experience a radical rhythm of prayer

to serve the poor and the City of New York

and to be interrupted by God.

This year of deeply-shared community life is for any Christian between 21 – 30 years old, from any Christian denomination, from anywhere in the USA.

The daily routine of the community is based on 5 central pillars, with additional events and experiences spread throughout the year, such as retreats (based on silence, community life, working life), ecumenical events, experiment week in a monastery, internship in New York City businesses…

We study because we are called to grow an intelligent faith which is capable of speaking to the nuances and signs of our times, to widen our horizons, to better understand where we come from.

Members receive teaching from speakers from across the world and across church traditions, speaking on a range of topics covering the themes of Bible & Theology, Spirituality & Personal Growth, and Social Engagement.

We serve because of the commandment to serve the smallest, because of our common humanity, to learn practical skills and let our hearts be transformed.

Members serve in different charities across New York City, ranging from homeless shelters to addiction centers to hospital chaplaincies to disability groups.

Prayer is what Jesus interrupted ‘everything else’ to do. It is the source of all intelligent action, roots us in who we are, and gives a greater discernment to know how to choose in the way of Jesus.

Prayer structures the day, with a mixture of personal and liturgical prayer, as well as a weekly half-day of silence and meditation.

Jesus lived in community. By choosing to share life with other people profoundly different from ourselves, we encounter Jesus through life’s big adventures, as well as the small triumphs and trials of our everyday.

Members share daily community life:

  • Shared spaces, meals, times of prayer
  • Shared responsibility for house tasks and life of the Community
  • Evenings and outings together, space for sharing and reconciliation

Unity is the overflow of community life. Jesus prayed for unity of Christians (John 17) – this starts with participating in what we can already do together, which in turn gives us hope and opens doors to navigating our differences.

We seek and build unity through our shared daily life, and by allowing our different church heritages to inform how we worship together, visiting one another’s churches, as well as pioneering and praying new ideas to reignite dialogue between different Christian confessions.

The Community at the Crossing is open to any Christian from any denomination.

It is an initiative of the Episcopal Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, in partnership with the Chemin Neuf Community (a Roman Catholic community with an ecumenical vocation).


There are two ways of belonging to the Community at the Crossing.

Residential members study, prayer, service and reside onsite at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

Local members integrate the community rhythms of study, prayer, and service into their current professional activity or study

Residential and Integrated members make up one community, and meet together regularly.

At a glance - rhythm of Residential Membership

At a glance - rhythm of Local Membership


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