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Read the full letter from Patrick Malloy, Dean of the Cathedral and Chaplain to the Community at the Crossing.

How to apply

Applications closing soon for 24-25 cohort

Applications are on a rolling basis, following the processes outlined below.

Final deadlines
Please note the tight turnaround time for these final stages.

  • Deadline to submit a Stage 1 application (Resident or Local) - Thursday, August 15, 2024
  • Submission deadline for successful Residential applicants invited to Stage 2 - Thursday, August 22
  • Final interviews (Stage 2 for Locals, Stage 3 for Residents) will take place by Monday, August 26
  • Invitations will be made following interview. The deadline for responding to invitations (Stage 3 for Locals, Stage 4 for Residents) is midnight on Saturday, August 31.

The application process

The application process involves short answer questions, reflection essays, and an interview. These questions and stages will differ slightly for Residential and Local membership applicants.


It is free to apply, and members are not chosen based on their ability to pay - finance should not be an obstacle to applying to the program. For more information read out FAQs and 'Is it for me?' documents.


The program runs from September 15, 2024 - June 21, 2025.

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Residential membership

If you have any questions about dates or deadlines, please contact us

Read the FAQs

Read the 'Is it for me?'

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Local membership

If you have any questions or complications about these deadlines, please email us

Read the FAQs

Read the 'Is it for me?'

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