Cathedral Community Cares (CCC)

The mission of Cathedral Community Cares (CCC) is to combat and alleviate poverty through preventive poverty services, education and advocacy--specifically targeting the issues of health and hunger. CCC tackles these problems on multiple fronts by addressing the immediate and beyond-emergency needs of the underserved, while seeking long-term policy solutions that will benefit both clients and the greater community. As a part of "the living Cathedral," CCC operates, coordinates and expands its direct service programs and advocacy campaigns based on the ever-unfolding, diverse needs of the community, while fostering self-sufficiency and cultivating social justice through outreach and education. For more information on Cathedral Community Cares services, please call (212) 316-7583.

The Sunday Soup Kitchen

The issues of hunger and health are addressed through an on-site congregate meal program that serves predominately homeless individuals, as well as children and families. CCC preventive poverty services include beyond-emergency information and referral services, as well as Food Stamp pre-screening for individuals and families in the immediate Cathedral community and beyond.

With no eligibility restrictions, meal services are offered to all without regard to age, gender, race, income, or denominational affiliation. Sunday Soup Kitchen meals consist of a healthy, diverse menu that includes fresh produce, a wide variety of meat/proteins, and low-salt, heart-healthy food options.


10 am - 3 pm

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the CCC Soup Kitchen remains open and serving bagged meals to those in need.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Sunday Soup Kitchen, please go to and click on “Become a Volunteer." Once you’ve become a New York Cares volunteer, you can select Cathedral Community Cares as your project site. For questions, please contact Thomas Perry, (212) 316-7583.

For more information on other food assistance programs, please visit:
Hunger Free NYC's Neighborhood Guides to Food & Assistance

Beyond Emergency Services

In addition to providing meals, the Sunday Soup Kitchen is an opportunity for clients to receive information and referral services. Unlike many volunteer-staffed emergency food programs, CCC’s experienced, professional staff and trained Outreach Volunteers help individuals and families obtain the services that can resolve emergency and crisis situations at the moment, and get them on track to leading more independent lives in the future. CCC utilizes the Sunday Soup Kitchen to make referrals to: health screenings, medical and alcohol/substance abuse programs, clothing distribution, benefits/entitlements, legal services, housing and employment assistance, rapid HIV testing, and other social service programs.

Clothing Closet

The Clothing Closet distributes emergency clothing through the Nutrition, Health, and Clothing Center. Additionally, the program provides appropriate clothing for individuals returning to the workforce. Persons seeking professional clothing must have a referral from an agency familiar with their employment search. Clothing is distributed free of charge, based on availability, and clients can obtain clothing once per month. Identification is required.


Tuesday and Wednesday (beginning June 7, 2022)
10 am - 12 pm

More information about the Clothing Closet in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Creole is available here:
Clothing Closet 2022 Weekday Hours


The Clothing Closet accepts gently used, freshly laundered clothes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, clothes MUST be laundered before donating. Right now, the Closet is accepting Fall/Winter clothing, shoes, accessories, and coats only.

Drop-off Hours
Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm

Drop-off Location
CCC Clothing Closet

Please note, Clothing Closet regulations and open hours subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Food Stamp Program

The Food Stamp Program provides pre-screening for clients interested in receiving Food Stamps, and recertification for those already enrolled. CCC partners with trained, professional staff from the New York City Coalition Against Hunger and the Food Bank for New York City to offer this service. Please call (212) 316-7583 to set up an appointment. Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Education and Advocacy

The issues of hunger and health are also addressed through CCC’s education and advocacy efforts. CCC is an active participant in local community agencies and networks involved in shaping policy and legislation. Whether fighting for more Food Stamp provider sites or supermarkets with healthy food in West Harlem, or providing health education in areas where diabetes, obesity, and cardio-vascular disease are rampant, CCC stays on top of current political/legislative developments to educate and inform others and to be agents of change.

Health and Wellness

Throughout the year, CCC coordinates outreach opportunities for Medicaid and Food Stamp pre-screening services, HIV/AIDS on-site testing, flu shots, health and mental health screening, and more. CCC also hosts health fairs in conjunction with local health care providers and local faith- and community-based organizations. Health education workshops are available on such topics as heart health, diabetes, substance abuse, and cancer. Please e-mail [email protected] for information on upcoming workshops.

Public Policy Affiliations

CCC staff actively engage in education and advocacy via local, city, and state coalitions/committees, initiatives, and events that focus on the issues of hunger, poverty, and health.

A major effort piloted by CCC, the West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty (WHANAP), is a coalition of over 13 local Emergency Food Programs (EFPs) that evolved from the growing recognition that the individual efforts of EFPs are ineffectual in bringing about an end to the larger issue of hunger. Lack of food is not the only problem facing clients. Providing nutritious meals, while vital, does not alone foster greater self-sufficiency and, with it, an end to hunger. CCC is working to transform the discussion in the anti-hunger community to focus on greater advocacy and collation-building as well as an emphasis on activities that go beyond traditional emergency services.

Currently, some of the CCC Public Policy staff affiliations include: West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty, Food Bank for New York City, New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Food Research and Action Council, and the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies.

CCC’s Education and Advocacy objective is to be active agents of social justice, to educate the larger community regarding current legislation and policy related to hunger and homelessness, and mobilize individuals and organizations into action.

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