Saturday 11

Sightseeing hours end at 2 pm

9am - 2pm
The Cathedral will close for sightseeing at 2 pm on Saturday, January 11.

Brilliant Walls of Light: Spotlight on Stained Glass

10am - 11:30am
Each window contains a unique style of stained glass drawn from the English, French, and German traditions. Explore the beautiful narrative and geometric windows by modern...

Cathedral Through Time

10:30am - 12pm
Through the years, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine has been a part of New York City history. From sacred to secular, prayers to performances - it is an architectural w...

Funeral for James Parks Morton

6pm - 8pm
The Very Rev. James Parks Morton, Dean Emeritus, died on January 4, 2020. His funeral will take place at the Cathedral on Saturday, January 11 at 6 pm. All are welcome. The...
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