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Sunday, May 31

A Service of the Word

Sunday, May 31, 2020
11 AM - 12 PM

Our traditional Sunday service moves online and will be livestreamed via this page Sunday morning at 11 am. Major composers are featured in a voluntary ahead of the service, starting 5 to 10 minutes before.

Download the bulletin
Download the Prayers of the People

The responses will appear on the screen so everyone may participate silently or aloud. The text of the hymns will appear on the screen so everyone can sing if they wish.

This week lay ministers of the Cathedral will read a blended lection from the Book of Numbers and the Acts of the Apostles in tandem and in various languages; and will make the responses in the name of the People.

Troubleshooting Tips
The service video will appear on this page around 10:30 am on Sunday morning. If, at 10:45 am on Sunday morning, you do not see the video on this page please refresh. The service is also available via Facebook.