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Saturday, October 5

Living Outside, Moving In: The Essence of the Spiritual Quest

Saturday, October 5, 2019
9:30 AM - 4 PM

In this day-long workshop we will explore what it is that makes up the essence of the spiritual quest. Too often we believe the spiritual journey is a hodgepodge of tastings from various religious ideas and traditions. In actuality, a shared common emphasis among all traditions on the essential virtues, such as gratitude and humility, emerge as guides on our quest.

What we really believe in, what we put our faith into, manifests in the world.

The problem is often our “beliefs” are hidden to our conscious mind. We carry with us beliefs that inhibit our ability to create a spiritual life we can get behind. Our cynicism, our “it won’t work out anyway,” our despair, “why bother,” so often block what lies underneath... a spark ready to be ignited into a burning fire of desire. Our job is to move our self-limiting beliefs into the passenger seat in order to allow this yearning for Spirit to come through. We must move from scanning the outer world to focusing our attention inward.

This workshop will explore the essential qualities of the spiritual path. Among them: gratitude, humility, compassion, love, forgiveness and empathy. We will ask: What does it mean to truly suffer and come through to the other side? How does addiction keep us away from staying with the moment? Is there compassion in our hearts for those who get under our skin? Can we learn to forgive those who have betrayed us and ultimately, what is the role of Silence in this turning inward?

We will take time to meditate and pray. We will gather in small groups in order to dive into these difficult yet perennial questions. Chanting will guide us to focus our energy on what it is we truly feel at the bottom of our souls.

Peter Azrak is a psychotherapist in private practice. His interests have led him to pursue a bridge between psychotherapy and spirituality. Books include Pulling Back the Future, and I pray for a life fof going nowhere. His website:

Lee Welch is a psychotherapist in private practice, musician, and composer. He develops contemplative spiritual programming for NIghtwatch at the Cathedral and leads sacred singing, chanting, and drumming at workshops and kirtans around the city.

$20.00 suggested donation at the door

Questions? Please contact Canon Patti Welch at [email protected] or call (212)316-7474