Join us as we kick off 4th Annual Harlem Havana Music & Cultural Celebration featuring Oyu Oro, an Afro-Cuban experimental dance ensemble from Santiago de Cuba and Harlem artists Keith "THE CAPTAIN" Gamble & The Nu Gypsies.

Oyu Oro is the brainchild of Danys "La Mora" Perez ─ international Afro-Cuban folklore performer, choreographer, teacher and dance ethnologist from Santiago de Cuba. The company is committed to the preservation of Afro-Cuban folklore as well as to encourage the cross-cultural understanding of the dance and music forms derived from African culture. While Oyu Oro’s traditional repertoire pays tribute to African lineages derived from the Yoruba, Congo, Carabali, Arará and Dahomean cultures of West Africa and Haiti, the popular dance choreographies also celebrate the national popular Cuban heritage.

Singer-Songwriter, Keith "THE CAPTAIN" Gamble’s heart and soul are rooted in the BLUES. He can charge his performances with Funk, Rock, Jazz, R&B, and Soul, but will always lead his audience back home to the Blues.

Keith “THE CAPTAIN” Gamble and the NU Gypsies present an electric, eclectic and exciting display of musical joy expressed in all genres — leading back to the blues! This Harlem born and bred band gives their audiences a taste of all the flavors of the community through rhythm and song... and, of course, the blues!

Drums: Dangerous Dave Dawson
Keyboards: John Colonna
Bass: Donald "Spider" Nicks
Sax & Reeds: John Dubose
Poly-ethnic Percussion: Manny Montanez
Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals: Keith "THE CAPTAIN" Gamble