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Our tradition both celebrates and blesses marriage. We want each and every service and program as well as the people who attend them to be treated with the respect they deserve.

Weddings are usually Episcopal liturgies but may also be interfaith. We bless civil marriages or act as agents of the State of New York and perform marriages. However, our primary function is as a religious institution - a church- and we want to make certain that the services that we offer at the Cathedral match the expectations of our couples. Weddings at the Cathedral will only be performed by Cathedral clergy. Interfaith ministers and visiting priests can take part in the liturgy.

There are several options for where you can have your ceremony, when being married at the Cathedral.

Click here for more information about our different spaces.

Organ music is available in these chapels via our portable organ.

Wedding fees at the Cathedral range depending on the location, expected attendance, and specific needs of your wedding ceremony.

A 50% deposit is required to confirm the date and all payments are due three weeks from the invoice date.

The base fee for any wedding at the Cathedral includes:
A selection of Music
Sound Engineer
Space Fee
Cleaning Fee
Clergy honorarium
Wedding Liaison

While receptions are not included in the base cost of weddings at the Cathedral, the Cathedral does offer options for receptions that can immediately follow a wedding or as a stand alone event.

For specific inquiries regarding space rentals for receptions please email: [email protected]

For more information about Weddings at the Cathedral, contact the Pastoral Care Office at: 212-316-7483 or email: [email protected]