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During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Cathedral educators and volunteers are bringing the insightful tours we are known for into the digital world! From new takes on traditional favorites to deep dives into lesser known pieces, there's a wealth of opportunity to explore the Cathedral virtually.

Museum from Home: Drink of Me Fondly

Text Welcome to our final food blog of the year! We invite you to explore the Chapels of the Tongues with us but this time in a decidedly more liquid fashion – Festive Holiday Drinks! Read more

Gotham Gothic: An Appreciation of Ralph Adams Cram

Text In 1916, Ralph Adams Cram faced the task of completing the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Barely a third of the cathedral had been built since its cornerstone had been laid a quarter-century before. This is the story of how he met this daunting challenge and succeeded in creating New York’s most majestic interior. Read more

#MuseumFromHome: Easy (and Tasty) as Pie

For those of you who have been following our culinary chapel tours, you know that our seven chapels are each dedicated to a different immigrant group that was coming into the United States at the time the east end of the Cathedral was being built. Read on for an online culinary tour of the Chapels of the Tongues! Read more

Museum From Home: Trick-or-Treating Through the Chapels

Text The Chapels of the Tongues at the Cathedral are so named since each was dedicated to a different immigrant group that was coming to New York at the turn of the last century when the Cathedral was being constructed. Read on to find out about the best candies (and even a few Halloween traditions) from each culture represented. Read more

Museum From Home: Chapel of St. Ambrose

Video The Chapel of St. Ambrose is a small, but unique space in the Cathedral with a rich architectural and decorative history. One of the seven smaller intimate Chapels located in the East end of the Cathedral, the Chapel of St. Ambrose is the only one executed in the Neo-Renaissance style. Join Cathedral educator Nancy Tramontana on an in-depth tour of... Watch the video

Museum From Home: Chapel of St. James

Video Since its construction, the Cathedral has looked outward to embrace people from around the world. Because the Chapel of St. James is dedicated to the people of Spain, in its windows you will find tributes to that nation's remarkable history. Cathedral educator Bill Ambler dives deeper in this #MuseumFromHome Watch the video

Museum From Home: Chapels as Pancakes

Text To celebrate #NationalPancakeDay, Cathedral educators David and Ashley take us on a tour of the Chapels of the Tongues through the pancakes native to each nationality the chapels are dedicated to, including the Spanish tortilla espanola for the Chapel of St. James. Read more

Museum From Home: The Cathedral in Context

Text This self-guided tour features highlights of a popular two-hour guided tour offered by the Cathedral of St. John the Divine called “The Cathedral in Context.” It showcases some of the architectural gems and interesting historical facts found near the Cathedral. Read more

#MuseumFromHome: Christian Icons

Text Many who visited the Cathedral in 2019 were captivated by Our Lady, Mother of Ferguson and All Those Killed by Gun Violence, an icon written by Mark Dukes. Christian iconography has a rich ancestry that spans centuries, writes Cathedral volunteer guide Gary Gelfenbein, but icons can also comment on our present and inform our future. Read More

#MuseumFromHome: Who is St. John the Divine?

Video Senior Guide Tom Fedorek tackles another one of the most asked questions at the Cathedral: Who is St. John the Divine? Watch the video

#MuseumFromHome: Chapels as Donuts

Text Like many of us during the coronavirus pandemic, David Rigano, a Cathedral Visitor Services Associate, took a deep-dive into baking, which ended with him eating his way through the connections between the Cathedral’s Chapels of the Tongues and fried pastries in this #MuseumFromHome Read more

#MuseumFromHome: Celebrating the ADA at 30

Text A stained glass window in the Cathedral's All Souls Bay includes a figure in a wheelchair in honor of the House of the Holy Comforter. Begun in 1897 by an Episcopal nun, the House of the Holy Comforter, a nursing home begun in 1897 by an Episcopal nun that was the only free nursing home in New York City at that time. Read more

#MuseumFromHome: Feast of St. Benedict

Video In this video, Cathedral Educator Gene Carlucci explores the legacy of St. Benedict, whose precepts for monastic living have had major impact on generations of Christian monks, and whose feast day in the Anglican Church is celebrated on July 11. Watch the video

#MuseumFromHome: Portal of Paradise - Episode 4

Video In the final episode of our virtual tour on the Portal of Paradise, we look at the figures in the upper rank, which are painted in the style of portal sculptures from the middle ages. Simon Verity, the lead stone carver on the project, mixed the paints himself using the mineral crystals that are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Watch the video

#MuseumFromHome: Portal of Paradise - Episode 3

Video In the third part of our virtual tour on our facade's Portal of Paradise, we take a look at the figures and basestones on the southern side of the portal, including the apocalyptic New York City scenes that are some of the most talked about and misunderstood carvings in the whole Cathedral, and are continually reminded of how each and every feature... Watch the video

#MuseumFromHome: Portal of Paradise - Episode 2

Video We continue our four part virtual tour of the Cathedral's Portal of Paradise on the Western Facade with a closer look at the eight figures carved into the north side of the Portal and are reminded that everything we see here comes directly from the Bible. Watch the video

#MuseumFromHome: Fatherhood Window

Video Just like in our own lives, fathers take many forms in the Cathedral's stained glass windows. In this #MuseumFromHome virtual tour, we learn where to find the fathers of history and printing as well as take a closer look at the Fatherhood Window, which features Abraham and Joseph. Watch the video

St. Alban in the Cathedral

Read more

#MuseumFromHome: Pride Art and Activism

Video Over the years, the Cathedral has used art for activism to push for change in the LGBTQ+ community from our AIDS Memorial to works by Gabriel García Román, Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo & Andrew Mroczek, Cassils and more. This look back also lights a path forward for ways to push for change today. Watch the video

#MuseumFromHome: Portal of Paradise - Episode 1

Video The Cathedral's Portal of Paradise on the Western Facade is one of the most seen and most misunderstood features of this great building. In this four part series, senior guide Tom Fedorek takes a closer look at the Portal to get beyond the misconceptions. Watch the video

More virtual visits are available on the blog.

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