Community at the Crossing

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine is establishing a transformational, year-long residential program that will reignite international ecumenical dialogue and prepare young people around the world to lead with an ethical perspective and a shared commitment to creating a more just world.

At a time of great societal divisions and a crisis of connection, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is uniquely positioned to create an extraordinary “intentional community” in New York City, reigniting ecumenical dialogue and preparing the ethically minded leaders of tomorrow. Since its founding more than 125 years ago, the Cathedral has stood with all members of our greater community—regardless of race, creed or ideology—feeding, clothing, teaching, and inspiring those who are adrift because of disease, poverty, violence, and spiritual bereavement.

The Community at the Crossing builds upon the model of intentional contemplative communities worldwide. Drawing inspiration from the Community of St. Anselm under the leadership of the Honorable Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Catholic, ecumenical Chemin Neuf Community, the Community at the Crossing will bring together 10 – 15 diverse, promising young leaders to live at the Cathedral together in prayer, formation, and service. Participants will have life-altering experiences, including:

  • Education in theology, sociology, psychology, and relational leadership
  • Formation in common prayer and personal contemplation
  • Building compromise and respect across differences
  • Immersion in contemporary social problems
  • Skills for providing practical care to people in need
  • Experience in applying Christian ethical principles to business and social issues

With the support of philanthropic individuals, foundations, and corporate partners, we will:

  • Inspire peace, inclusiveness, and justice in the larger society
  • Be a witness to positive, life-affirming religion at a time when religion is becoming increasingly irrelevant and even suspect
  • Build a central locus where Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Christians, and others can reignite the ecumenical dialogues that many believe have grown cold
  • Feed the hungry, house the homeless, and provide other direct human services to those most in need
  • Transform the lives of participants, thereby transforming the lives of everyone they touch

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