Community at the Crossing

As we look further into the future, our mission of fostering unity and leadership will enter a new phase. Readers of our previous newsletters may already be familiar with the Cathedral’s plans to institute a transformational, year-long residential program for religious seekers. This new intentional community—which we are calling The Community at The Crossing—will reignite international ecumenical dialogue and prepare young people around the world to lead with an ethical perspective and a commitment to creating a more just world.

In December 2021, we hosted a conversation about this intentional community, taking an early step toward bolstering the Cathedral as a house of prayer for all people. With the strong support of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, and Roman Catholic clerical leadership, the establishment of our new community will be a 21st-century realization of a 19th-century dream of fostering unity across differences through shared prayer and service.

Each year, the Cathedral plans to select 10–15 diverse, promising young leaders to live together in prayer, formation, and service. We aim to give participants life-altering experiences through a number of avenues. They will receive education in theology, sociology, psychology, and relational leadership, alongside formation in common prayer and time for private contemplation. They will be challenged to find compromise and build respect across differences. They will immerse themselves in contemporary social problems, while gaining skills to provide practical care to people in need. And they will experience applying Christian ethical principles to business and social issues.

All of this will be made possible with the support of philanthropic individuals, foundations, and corporate partners. The Cathedral will put this support towards inspiring peace, inclusiveness, and justice in our larger society. We will reinforce positive, life-affirming religion at a time when it is becoming increasingly irrelevant, even suspect. We will create a locus where Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Christians, and others can renew the ecumenical dialogues that many believe have grown cold. We will increase our work of feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and providing other direct services to the neediest among us. And we will transform the lives of participants, who will, we believe, transform the lives of everyone they touch.

We’re continuing to work out the details of the Cathedral’s intentional community, but the seeds have been sown and we’ll soon share the excitement of how they have grown. As a sacred space, a place where people of all faiths or no faith can come together in dialogue and learn from one another, the Cathedral will itself grow from this promising initiative.

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