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The following is the text of the sermon given by The Right Reverend Clifton Daniel III, Interim Dean, on January 14, 2018. You can listen to the full audio on our sermons page.

Today I am going to talk about sin. Now this is not a popular sermon subject. Most sermons on this topic tend to put people to sleep. I ask your indulgence for a couple of minutes before you go to sleep. In fact, I’m going to talk about sin in a different way – I’m going to talk about sin as anesthesia. Let me tell you why.

When I was a teenager growing up in a town in North Carolina in the early 1960s, there was a civil rights march down the main street. So four of us got in a car and parked so we could watch the march in progress. We weren’t hostile. We just sat and watched the marchers go by. We could not for the life of us figure out what they were marching about. The world seemed fine to us. Of course it did, we were asleep to the realities faced by the people passing by in the march and to our own realities. We were unaware and indifferent to that stark pageant of segregation, patriarchy, oppression marching by and we were unaware of our own white privilege and sense of male superiority. From that perspective, the world looked pretty good to us. But morally, we were asleep, unaware to the world around us, anesthetized by sin.

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Last Chance to Visit A Summer of Sculpture! REBECCA MERRILL SEPTEMBER 6, 2017

We’ve loved having our summer filled with sculpture at the Cathedral, but as we ease into the fall season, it’s time to bid adieu to the much loved creatures that have graced our space for the past three months.

Sunday, September 10 will be the last day the exhibition will be on display after which the animals will migrate to another location. Make sure to stop by sometime this week to get your last look at this amazing exhibition!

A Summer of Sculpture - Circle of Friends REBECCA MERRILL AUGUST 30, 2017

Gary Lee Price's Circle of Friends sits at the center of the National Sculpture Society's Blessing of Animals. This video shows what it took to get just one of the dozens of monumental bronze sculptures that make up the exhibition into the Cathedral!

A Summer of Sculpture - Animals of Freedom REBECCA MERRILL AUGUST 10, 2017

As we celebrate Artist in Residence Greg Wyatt’s Peace Fountain with a retrospective exhibit as a part of A Summer of Sculpture, we also celebrate the Animals of Freedom Children’s Sculpture Garden that surrounds the Fountain.


The Peace Fountain is dedicated to the creativity of children and to commemorate that, Wyatt invited school children from the Tri-State area to sculpt animals to be bronzed and placed around the sculpture. The current 120 sculptures were crafted over a five year period starting in 1985 and are meant to illustrate how the candid spontaneity of children can show us the way towards peace.

Learn more about Wyatt and his work by visiting the exhibition up through September 10.

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A Summer of Sculpture - Ursus REBECCA MERRILL AUGUST 3, 2017

Ursus, Dan Ostermiller’s 8 foot tall bronze bear, was a natural choice to live in front of the Cathedral’s Great Bronze Doors because of the bear’s oversized scale and larger than life personality.

Ursus bear statue in front of Cathedral bronze doors

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