September 18, 2017 - 11:16 AM

Social Justice and Immigration Events at the Cathedral

By Rebecca Merrill

The Episcopal Church has taken a song stand against the immigration policies proposed by the current presidential administration. Recently, in a statement supporting DREAMers, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry said, “Humane and loving care for the stranger, the alien, and the foreigner is considered a sacred duty and moral value for those who would follow the way of God.”

Holyrood Church ~ Iglesias Santa Cruz, an Episcopal Church in Washington Heights, has recently taken in a woman seeking sanctuary from looming deportation and the Diocese of New York has been providing support and resources for other churches looking to do the same.

The Cathedral has always been a place of welcome for all. We were chartered as a house of prayer of all people and our Chapels of the Tongues are dedicated to immigrant groups in New York at the turn of the century. This fall, we continue that work with a series of programs to assist immigrants in our communities as well educate and provide support for those looking for ways to help the most vulnerable among us.

On September 21 and November 16, we host Know Your Rights workshops that will provide a guide to knowing and protecting your rights in interactions with law-enforcement and immigration officials. We’ll also host conversations and workshops to tackle issues like poverty, mass incarceration, and using Christianity as a tool for social change and liberation.

These events are:
Monday, September 25 - Dialogues on Race & Religion with Minister Candace Simpson
Saturday, October 14 - Theology & Social Concerns on responding to those with mental illness
Monday, October 23 - In Their Own Words: Social Justice Organizations
Saturday, November 4 - Theology & Social Concerns
Thursday, November 9 - Dialogues on Race & Religion: Acting Creatively in the Face of Crisis
Monday, November 13 - Dialogues on Race & Religion discussing Rikers Island

Beginning October 10, we’ll also a 6-week introductory English class and a separate 6-week introductory Spanish class that anyone is welcome to attend.

In addition to these programs, members of the clergy are always available for confidential conversations about all sorts of topics, including immigration status. Contact us to set up one one of these conversations. We look forward to seeing you this fall!


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