June 16, 2022 - 4:04 PM

Exploring the Textile Conservation Lab

Earlier this year, students and teachers from The Cathedral School journeyed across the Close to explore the Cathedral's Textile Conservation Lab and learn from some of the conservators on staff. The Lab, which conserves a wide variety of textiles and textile-based artworks, is both an active workspace and a font of knowledge about all things fabric-related. Conservator Valerie Soll wrote the following about the School's class trips to the Lab:

"This Spring, the Textile Conservation Lab had the pleasure of getting to meet and share the work we do with some of the faculty of the Cathedral School. Although long time neighbors, so many teachers had never seen inside the vast space before and it was exciting for all of us.

TCL staff with students

"As part of their annual Cathedral study, two first grade classes followed up and planned their own visits. They were well prepared with great questions for the Lab, ranging from the origins of the Lab itself and its equipment, to the kind of textiles we get, how we work on objects and what materials we use.

TCL staff with students

"Keen observers (and great at not touching) we enjoyed showing them a range of ancient to contemporary textiles, talking about how we match colors for dying yarns and how our wash table was built for the largest of the Cathedral’s tapestries. We look forward to hosting more groups in the next school year!"

TCL staff with students

To learn more about the Textile Conservation Lab, check out this page!


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