May 29, 2022 - 1:03 PM

A Proclamation for the Dean

At the conclusion of today's 10:30 am Holy Eucharist service, Council Member Gale A. Brewer presented The Right Reverend Clifton Daniel III with a proclamation honoring him for his time as 10th Dean of the Cathedral. The full text of the proclamation is below:

Gale A. Brewer, Council Member of the 6th District, is proud to honor The Right Reverend Clifton “Dan” Daniel III, upon his stepping down as Dean of the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, for his outstanding service and enduring contributions to our community; and

WHEREAS: The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, the mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and the Seat of its Bishop, is chartered as a house of prayer for all people and a unifying center of intellectual light and leadership. It serves the many diverse people of the Diocese, City, Nation and World through an array of liturgical, cultural and civic events; pastoral, educational and community outreach activities; and maintains the preservation of the great architectural and historic site that is its legacy. People from many faiths and communities worship together in services held more than 30 times a week; and

WHEREAS: The Cathedral has a history of community service. The soup kitchen serves roughly 25,000 meals annually. Social service outreach has an increasingly varied roster of programs. The Cathedral School prepares young students to be future leaders. Advancing the Community of Tomorrow -- the renowned preschool, afterschool and summer program -- offers diverse educational and nurturing experiences. The Textile Conservation Lab preserves world treasures. Concerts, exhibitions, performances and civic gatherings allow conversation, celebration, reflection and remembrance; and

WHEREAS: A native of North Carolina, Dean Daniel graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1969 with a BA in Spanish education. He holds a Master of Divinity from Virginia Theological Seminary, as well as honorary doctorates in Divinity from Virginia Theological and the University of the South. Hunley Elebash, the then-Bishop of the Diocese of East Carolina, consecrated him to the diaconate in 1972 and then the priesthood in 1973. In 1996, Bishops Edmond Browning, Claude Vache, and Brice Sanders consecrated him to the episcopate.. He served as Bishop Coadjutor and then Bishop of the Diocese of East Carolina (1997-2013). He also served as Provisional Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania (2013-2016); and

WHEREAS: Dean Daniel was appointed 10th Dean of the Cathedral in June 2018, after having served since March 2017 as Interim Dean. His appointment, by The Right Reverend Andrew Dietsche, Bishop of New York, and the Cathedral Board of Directors, was by intention a time-limited one. Now, after faithfully serving the Cathedral community for five years and in accord with that agreement, Dean Daniel is stepping down; and

WHEREAS: Dean Daniel has been transformational in the life and mission of the Cathedral. During his tenure, the Cathedral rebounded from a serious fire in early 2019, with ongoing conservation projects returning the space to an architectural and aesthetic glory not seen in decades. Under Dean Daniel’s leadership, the Cathedral began the steps towards launching a new intentional community on the Close, reaching young people from across the Christian faith. These projects and more have unfolded despite the immense challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which the Cathedral pivoted to reach its hardest-hit neighbor. Dean Daniel has truly distinguished himself though his outstanding service to the community, and is worthy of the esteem of all New Yorkers; now, therefore

BE IT KNOWN: That Gale A. Brewer, Council Member of the 6th District, gratefully honors

The Right Reverend Clifton Daniel III

for his outstanding service and enduring contributions to our community

and wishes him success in all his future endeavors.

Signed this 29th day of May in the year Twenty Twenty-Two.



Council Member, 6th District



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