November 1, 2021 - 2:25 PM

Looking Forward to the Holiday Spirit

Throughout November and December, we’ll have opportunities to come together for services, music, guided visits, talks, and workshops at the Cathedral. While the pandemic continues to limit the scope of our offerings, this is still a busy time as we prepare for the return of the light!

Advent begins on Sunday, November 28, and lasts until Christmas Day. These weeks will be full of joyous gatherings and the promise of hopeful tidings. Music is one of the profoundest ways of celebrating the spirit, and this year’s Cathedral Christmas Concert, with performances on Friday, December 10, and Saturday, December 11, will resound within the space of the Nave and within each listener’s heart.

In-person worship, too, is at the heart of Advent and Christmas at the Cathedral. Last year, we offered our beloved Lessons and Carols service for Christmas Eve online. This year, we look forward to welcoming the community back to the Nave to share in our Christmas services. All are welcome to join us inside the Cathedral for our Lessons and Carols and Festal Eucharist on December 24, and our Christmas Day Service on December 25.

The New Year’s Eve Concert for Peace rounds out our 2021 performances, and at the end of this long and complex year, the Cathedral gives thanks for the ability to share this life-bringing music with the neighborhood. Being able to come together once more in person for concerts and recitals, after more than a year apart, has been one of the greatest joys of 2021. Our return to closeness adds a special tenor of thankfulness to our musical offerings this season.


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