October 2, 2020 - 1:43 PM

Adoptable Dogs from ACCNYC

One of our favorite parts about the St. Francis Day Fair in recent years has been the Animal Cares Centers of New York City mobile adoption van! Just because we can't be in person this year doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of adoptable animals that need loving homes! Learn more about Blue, Moofin, Sophia, and Guapo.

Blue 69796
Brooklyn ACC
6 years old

Blue recently spent a day away from the shelter, and in that short time revealed a whole lot more of her personality! When dogs return to the shelter from time away, fosters are asked some questions about their experience. One of those questions is "Does your foster pet have any cute or endearing habits that would make people want to meet him/her?" Well the answer to that question from Blue's day fosters could not have been sweeter or made us smile bigger.

"Blue will look at you with mesmerizing marble gray eyes as she comes towards with the sweetest love. She brings her head and body closer against you, hoping you will stroke, hug, and kiss her. Once that is a success, she will half-turn and flop down on her side, raising her arms and showing you her belly. She will make sure that you are touching, whether it is her butt snuggled up between your legs, or her front paws against your feet. She appreciates slow Swedish and deep tissue massages and gentle reassuring strokes across her face. She is the ultimate smooshy cuddlebug girl. She loves curiously admiring her reflection in the mirror and frequently smushes her nose right against the mirror to make sure it's her she sees. She likes staring at the leaves ripple across the branches as she stares out the window too!"

We've adored Blue for some time now. She arrived in late June when her owner became homeless. They let us know that she loves to walk on the beach, that she grew up in the same home since she was a puppy, and lived with teenagers. If you are interested in adopting Blue, contact [email protected]. She is also available to ACC fosters! Blue's ID is #69796.

Moofin 97708
Manhattan ACC
2 years old

Honestly, the name Moofin is what caught my attention first. Then the face, then the mush of a personality on this guy! All of these things are hard to miss, and why would you want to miss them? He wiggles when he walks, sometimes tripping over himself in excitement. I must've called him 'adorable' at least thirty times within the hour. When I called his name, he wiggled on over to gift me with affection and some of his drool (it's okay!). His lust for life and many things is endearing to watch. Moofin may need a bit of guidance from his adopter to contain his excitement, as he does at times demand bark for the things he wants to get closer to. Though I am admittedly jealous, as I would very much love to match his overall level of enthusiasm. Wow! Why don't you come meet Moofin today? To me, it'd be a dream to come home to someone as excited to see me as Moofin is every time we say hello!

Moofin is only available for foster/adoption through one of ACC's New Hope Partners. Please read the information thoroughly on Moofin's profile (https://nycacc.app/browse/97708) and if you are interested in fostering or adopting, please fill out the pre-screener form (available on his profile as well).

Sophia 95477
Manhattan ACC
5 years old

The first thing you need to know about Sophia is that he's a boy-and what a good, sweet, loving boy he is. This gray and white charmer impressed our behavior team with his friendliness, penchant for giving head butts, and the way he's totally calm when he's picked up and held. His previous owner vouched that he got on nicely with the kids in the household, as well as other cats and even small dogs. Sophia is a mellow fellow who likes receiving affection, playing with string toys, and sacking out for naps-his favorite spots in his former home include closets, beds, and the sofa (hey, us too!). Email [email protected] and ask about Mr. Sophia today!

Guapo 81921
In an ACC Foster home
10 years old

Guapo still needs a home! Guapo means "handsome" in Spanish, so it's obvious how this gorgeous gray gentleman of a cat got his name, right? But there's more to Guapo than his good looks. This calm and gentle fellow is social, enjoys long petting sessions, and meows when he craves interaction with his human friends. Guapo came to us from a home, and his former pet parent described him as happy sitting in a room with people, playing with his catnip toys, or just looking out the window contently (and sometimes falling asleep there). One thing Guapo wasn't a fan of: the other cat in the home, which is why our behavior team believes he'll be a great fit in an only-cat household. If you're looking for a well-behaved, low maintenance kind of guy who loves to interact with humans but will also happily do his own thing, then you must email [email protected] today!

How can interested adopters reach out to ACC?If you see someone you like, please email [email protected] or click the “Adopt Me” button on their profile to learn more about them and start the adoption process! Please note: Appointments are currently required to enter our Care Centers.


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