June 11, 2020 - 1:25 PM

Update on Regathering at the Cathedral

As the city of New York begins a phased reopening, the Cathedral is firming up plans for what it will look like to regather together in our great building. In addition to following city, state, and diocesan guidelines, our biggest priority is maintaining the safety of our staff, volunteers, congregants, and visitors. All of our current plans are subject to change but we wanted to share our current thinking.

The Cathedral will open on a very limited basis for personal prayer, reflection, and meditation beginning in early to mid-July based on when New York State moves into its Phase 2 of reopening. We will share exact dates, times, and procedures as plans are finalized. The Cathedral’s Close remains open. Physical distancing and wearing of masks will continue to be enforced.

In-person worship services will not be held in the Cathedral until at least September, at the earliest. In the meantime, Morning and Evening Prayer will continue to be offered via Zoom and the 11 am Sunday service will continue to be livestreamed via Facebook and our website. We anticipate private services, such as funerals and committals, to resume in July. All of these phases of regathering will follow state guidelines, with group sizes adjusted as appropriate.

We appreciate the flexibility the Cathedral community has shown over the past few months as we’ve continued to reimagine what it looks like to come together virtually. It is because of your willingness to adapt and find connection in new ways that we feel confident that our work can continue effectively and safely while remaining online.


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