Changes to Public Access, Worship Services, Guided Visits, and Clothing Closet, June 20 and June 22–26

JUNE 16, 2015

Due to a number of special events, there will be various changes at the Cathedral on June 20 and from June 22nd to the 26th—

Public Access:

On Saturday, June 20, the Cathedral will close at 3 pm and reopen at 5 pm for Evening Prayer.

There will be no access to the Chapels and Ambulatory from Monday, June 22nd, through Thursday, the 25th. Columbarium visitors should check-in at the Security Booth upon arrival or call Visitor Services at (212) 316-7540.

On Thursday, June 25th, there will be no access to the Cathedral's restrooms after 1 pm.

The Cathedral will close at 5 pm on Thursday, June 26th.

The Cathedral playground will be closed from Monday, June 22nd through Friday, the 26th.

Worship Services:
On Monday, June 22nd; Tuesday, the 23rd; Wednesday, the 24th; and Friday, the 26th, all Morning Prayer, Holy Eucharist, and Evening Prayer services will be relocated from the Chapel of St. Martin to the Crusaders Bay. The Crusaders Bay is on the north side of the Cathedral’s nave, the fifth bay from the west.

Morning Prayer and Holy Eucharist services on Thursday, the 25th will also take place in the Crusaders Bay. There will be no 5 pm Evening Prayer.

Tours and Guided Visits:
The Cathedral's Highlights Tours will proceed as scheduled on Monday, June 22nd; Tuesday, the 23rd; Wednesday, the 24th; and Friday, the 26th. The tours will be restricted to the areas of the Cathedral that have not been closed off to the public.

There will be no tours on Thursday, the 25th.

CCC Clothing Closet:
On Tuesday, June 23rd, CCC Clothing Closet visitors should enter on the south side of the CCC offices (across from the Security Booth).

On Thursday, June 25th, the CCC Clothing Closet will be closed.

Any further questions? Please call (212) 316-7540.