June 9, 2022

A Message from The Right Reverend Andrew ML Dietsche

June 9, 2022

My Brothers and Sisters,

Dean Dan Daniel will complete his service as dean of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine at the end of this month and is now enjoying a final and well-earned sabbatical month off before his retirement. I know that I join everyone in the cathedral community in giving thanks for the quality of his leadership over five years, and for the friendships we have all made with him during his time among us. We wish him every blessing in his retirement and thank him for his service.

As we face this new season of transition in the life of this great church, I have been meeting with the Board of Trustees and some members of the cathedral staff to lay out a map of these next months as we begin the search for the next dean and ensure excellent leadership during the transition. Frank Brown, the President of the Board, and I will be meeting this month to begin to shape the makeup of a search committee which will take on the work of inviting priests across the church to consider that God may be calling them to this work. We expect to have that nominating committee formed by mid-summer, and profile materials created by the fall. It is our hope that the next dean can be identified and called to this ministry within a year to a year and a half. I invite your prayers for the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, for its Trustees and Staff, and for that person already active in the ministry of the church but as yet unknown to us who will in time accept the call to come among us to lead our great cathedral into the next chapter of our life.

With this letter, I am appointing the Reverend Canon Patrick Malloy to assume the office of Acting Dean, effective immediately, to serve until the arrival of the next dean. Pat currently serves as the Canon for Liturgy and the arts, and as Subdean of the Cathedral. Pat and I have had extensive conversations about this transition over a number of weeks. Pat has decided that he will not be a candidate for the deanship itself, which clears the way for him to assume the leadership of the cathedral through the coming period of transition. As Acting Dean, he will have all of the authority and responsibility of the dean, and I am confident that I can count on all in our community to support him as he takes on this great trust. It is our expectation that he will continue on in service to our cathedral and serve with the next dean when that person is called.

Speaking personally, it has been a privilege to work for five years with Dean Dan, who is a very dear friend. I am excited now to have that same relationship with Canon Pat, who is also a friend. I am certain that the coming months of transition will continue to be the same rich and fulfilling life of this cathedral that we have grown used to and which fills us with such loyalty and pride. With every good wish, I remain



The Right Reverend Andrew ML Dietsche

Bishop of New York

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine