Society of Regents

Religious, architectural, civic and cultural programs flourish at the Cathedral, thanks to the sustained support of the Society of Regents, an association of dedicated individuals of all faiths who provide annual leadership gifts of $1,000 or more. Members of the Society of Regents are invited to special events throughout the year.


Gift of $1,000: Two complimentary seats to any two Cathedral signature events of the donor’s choosing. Signature events include St. Francis Day, the Cathedral Christmas Concert, and the Halloween Extravaganza; invitations to Regents-only events.

Gift of $2,500: Two complimentary seats to all of Cathedral signature events plus two complimentary reserved seats to a Great Music in a Great Space concert of the donor’s choosing.

Gift of $10,000: All of the above plus membership in the Dean’s Council, a select group of individuals within the Society of Regents.

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