Donate Now

Given the COVID-19 crisis, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine’s first priority is to address the urgent needs of the immediate community, especially those who have been hit hardest. To this end, we have created a Response and Recovery Fund to support vital programs including:

  • Feeding a surge of people in need of nutritious food through our soup kitchen
  • Enabling virtual learning for the diverse families served by our after-school and child care program
  • Responding to an increased need for pastoral care as this crisis takes an emotional toll on our community

As the needs of New Yorkers grow each day and as our resources at the Cathedral are greatly strained by the crisis, our ability to fully support our community is contingent on the success of the Response and Recovery Fund. If you are in a position to help, we ask you that you consider supporting this important effort.

Gifts made through our website are completely secure. With fewer staff on site and delays in mailing, donating online is the most effective way to ensure your gift can be used to meet the needs of the community quickly.

If you would like to donate appreciated stock, please call Priscilla Bayley at (212) 316-7570 or contact by email at [email protected].