The Center for Pastoral Psychotherapy

Pastoral Psychotherapy is about asking for and receiving help from outside our usual orbits of consideration. The process of therapy provides a forum to discuss and work through feelings and situations, such as: feeling spiritually empty, lost, or conflicted; feeling dissatisfied with personal relationships, marriage, family, friends; chronic loneliness, fatigue, depression, anxiety; recurring work difficulties, problems with co-workers, or frequent job changes; and other issues related to addiction, anger, stress, or illness. You may want to deal with a marital or couple issue, you may need pre-marital counseling, or there may be a family issue.

If you face these kinds of problems, you owe it to yourself to seek professional help. Although you may think that you should be able to get through these things alone, and it is possible you could, psychotherapy accelerates the process and supports the commitment to self-discovery so that you can begin living life more fully.

At times, emotional and physical problems have a spiritual deprivation or conflict at their root. Pastoral psychotherapy may help you build your spiritual energy and call forth healing powers from within.

For help, call The Rev. Dr. John Bauman, D.Min., at (212) 932-7346.

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