Join us for 2023, as the Cathedral relaunches a favorite holiday tradition.

Crafts at the Cathedral, a fine juried crafts show that benefits the work of the Cathedral and its programs, will take place in the center of the nave and most of the crossing of the world’s largest gothic cathedral. Over 85 artisans will offer handcrafted, one-of-a-kind items in ceramic, glass, wood, fabric and jewelry.

Directions and parking.

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    Fri, Dec 1 Noon - 8pm, Buy Tickets

    Sat, Dec 2 9:30am - 8pm, Buy Tickets

    Sun, Dec 3 1pm - 5pm, Buy Tickets
  • Admission

    Adults: $15
    Seniors: $12
    Students: $10
    Weekend Pass: $18
    Children Under 12 Free

Check out the full list of artists below, or click here to browse a gallery of their crafts.

Ellen Blumenthal & Dina Amin
Booth C13

Andrew Boswell
Booth C15

Asta Bubliene
Booth F5

Janis Cutler Gear
Booth B14

Nicole Jurain
Booth C7

Ilona Kaim
Booth A10

Marty Kubicki
Booth C19

Yumiko Kuga
Booth G5

Matin Malikzada
Booth B4

Susan Miller
Booth A5

Lesley Reich
Booth F2

Ava Thaw
Booth G1

Margaret Wozniak
Booth B6

Jonathan Zamet
Booth A16

Elyse Allen
Booth C1-2

Kate Beck
Booth H1-2

Robin Bergman
Booth B5

Anastassia Gonye
Booth B12

Mary Jaeger
Booth C2-3

Catherine Joseph
Booth A17

R. Nemo Hill Julio Perea
Booth H7

Sharon London
Booth P6

Vilma Mare
Booth A2

Jennifer McBrien
Booth F3

Mina Norton
Booth C12

Joy OConnor
Booth P1

Susan Pillay
Booth P5

Lynn Reintsema
Booth C10

Shekina Rudoy
Booth C5

Sondra Sardis
Booth G6

Bounkhong Signavong
Booth B7

Ellen Spring
Booth B16

Mary Stackhouse
Booth B18

Michelle & Bill Champitto
Booth F7

Trefny Dix
Booth B11

Madeline Shir
Booth R4

Dudley Vaccianna
Booth A13

Michele Berman
Booth B19

Ashleigh Branstetter
Booth F1

Nancy Cerdas
Booth A6

Emilie Cohen
Booth C8

Evy Eedelman
Booth C18

Karen Eisenberg
Booth P4

Courtney Gillen
Booth A11

Hilary Greif
Booth C16

Elizabeth Horn
Booth B13

Reiko Ishiyama
Booth C11

Thea Izzi
Booth B17

Jacqueline Johnson
Booth C4

Lori Kaplan
Booth G2

Kathleen King
Booth B10

Anni Maliki
Booth A9

Ayala Naphtali
Booth A18

Adrienne Neszmelyi-Romano
Booth A14

Elena Ochs
Booth R2

Irene Pluntky-Goedecke
Booth B2

Marthe Roberts/Shea
Booth C9

Susan Rodgers
Booth H4

Elizabeth Tokoly
Booth P2

David Urso
Booth C6

Victoria Varga
Booth F6

Connie Verrusio
Booth A8

Erica Zap
Booth G7

Stephanie Zier
Booth R5

Rusty Dorr
Booth B15

Tom Hayward
Booth R1

Julianna Knarr
Booth A15

Laura Baring-Gould
Booth B8

Mew Chiu
Booth F4

Bob Compton
Booth B3

Carrie Fertig
Booth C17

Valerie Bunnell
Booth C17

Judith Marchand & David Horowitz
Booth A19

Amanda Quinby
Booth G3

Annie Sessler
Booth F1

Carolyn Zakarija
Booth H6

Kateh Esmaeli
Booth P3

Kate Korten
Booth A4

Holly Wach
Booth B9

Simon Kaplan
Booth A12

Peter Smith
Booth R3

Hazem Bakir
Booth H2-3

Julius Dorsey
Booth A7

Bruce Perlmutter
Booth G4

Robin Rickard
Booth H5

Richard Rothbard
Booth A1/B1