Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Introduction & Level 1 Training


Since 1954, catechists of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd have been exploring the religious life of children and their relationship with God. Guided by the work of Dr. Sofia Cavalletti and her collaborators in Rome, the Catechesis has attempted to further develop the work of Dr. Maria Montessori in the realm of the spiritual life of the child.

Today the Catechesis method has spread to all parts of the world. Children and adults of all cultures, from a great variety of circumstances and an ever widening ecumenical community, come together to experience and to celebrate God’s call to a covenant relationship, grounded in love and shared through Christ, the One who is also known as “Good Shepherd” and “True Vine.”

Following Dr. Montessori’s philosophy of the planes of development in childhood the prepared environment of the Atrium, the work of the catechist and the themes presented meet the needs of the growing and unfolding child.

The Level I course is an invitation to those who are interested in working with and understanding the spirituality, needs and capacities of the younger child age 3 to 6. The truths that are most essential to our faith are presented while the child’s relationship with God is fostered. Presentations will include parables, prayer, Eucharist, Baptism, the life of Christ, the Bible, geography of Israel, and the exercises of practical life. Adult reflections will introduce Montessori philosophy, child pedagogy, along with theology and methodology related to the presentations.

The Level I course is foundational for all further work in advanced levels as well as those who wish to explore more intentionally this approach to the spirituality of children. All are welcome to dinner or the weekend as an initial exploration.

For more information, including information about registering, please click here or contact the Reverend Dr. Mary Julia Jett, course administrator and the Interim Pastor of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine and Vicar of the Congregation of Saint Saviour at