Christian Spiritual Practices: Spiritual and Physical Fitness

11 AM – 12 PM

Join Tim Cheux for an exploration of faith and fitness. At these weekly workshops, a brief introduction of the tradition is followed by practice in the group. Everyone is welcome to the session and no prior knowledge is necessary. Everyone is invited to the Eucharist at 12:15 after the session.

Free and Fit NYC originated from London, England, where Tim Cheux created a sports community group called Faith and Fitness. The group currently meet every Monday in Chelsea at the Gem Hotel, NY, 10011 at 6:30 where they take part in sport and discuss an issue they, as a group, are trying to find freedom in followed by dinner and discussion about the Christian faith. Tim also currently co-ordinates a Youth Project in Bergen County, New Jersey, for Free and Fit and oversees the adult Free and Fit London project back in the United Kingdom.