Christian Spiritual Practices: Spiritual Direction

11 AM – 12 PM

Please join The Rev. Susan Hill for an exploration of spiritual direction. At these weekly workshops, a brief introduction of the tradition is followed by practice in the group. Everyone is welcome to the session and no prior knowledge is necessary. Everyone is invited to the Eucharist at 12:15 pm after the session.

The Reverend Susan E. Hill is an Episcopal priest who devotes much of her ministry to walking with others on their spiritual journeys, helping them find meaning in their lives, and exploring the presence of the Divine. In addition to a part-time position as the Associate Rector of the Church of the Holy Apostles in Manhattan, she offers individual spiritual direction, companioning lay-people and clergy of many different denominations, as well as seekers. She has taught classes in Contemplative Practices at Union Theological Seminary and leads retreats and workshops for local churches.