Public Policy Affiliations

CCC staff actively engage in education and advocacy via local, city, and state coalitions/committees, initiatives, and events that focus on the issues of hunger, poverty, and health.

A major effort piloted by CCC, the West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty (WHANAP), is a coalition of over 13 local Emergency Food Programs (EFPs) that evolved from the growing recognition that the individual efforts of EFPs are ineffectual in bringing about an end to the larger issue of hunger. Lack of food is not the only problem facing clients. Providing nutritious meals, while vital, does not alone foster greater self-sufficiency and, with it, an end to hunger. CCC is working to transform the discussion in the anti-hunger community to focus on greater advocacy and collation-building as well as an emphasis on activities that go beyond traditional emergency services.

Currently, some of the CCC Public Policy staff affiliations include: West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty, Food Bank for New York City, New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Food Research and Action Council, and the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies.

CCC’s Education and Advocacy objective is to be active agents of social justice, to educate the larger community regarding current legislation and policy related to hunger and homelessness, and mobilize individuals and organizations into action.