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Upcoming Exhibitions

Stations of the Cross: Art, Passion, Justice
February–April 2018

This exhibition, displayed at fourteen iconic spaces across Manhattan, examines the Stations of the Cross and the figure of Christ on the day of his crucifixion through the lens of contemporary art. In the work on view at the Cathedral, Station Four: Jesus Meets His Mother, artist Dua Abbas draws upon European devotional art, especially medieval paintings in The Cloisters collection in New York. Her cut-out animation combines this iconography with original photographs of her family members observing mourning rites during the Islamic month of Muharram, including decorative materials used in the construction of a commemorative model, or Tazia. During Muharram, Shiite Muslims commemorate the seventh-century martyrdom of the Imam Husayn ibn Ali (grandson of the Prophet) at Karbala in modern-day Iraq.

The artist comments: “I was interested in similarities between the figures of Mary (mother of Jesus) and Fatima (mother of Husayn) and the cultures of remembrance that have developed around the sufferings of their sons. I have tried to explore themes of maternal devotion, travel and transformation, and the fluidity of faith and its expression.”