Upcoming Exhibitions

The Christa Project: Manifesting Divine Bodies
October 6, 2016–March 12, 2017

The exhibition will explore the language, symbol, art and ritual associated with the historic concept of the Christ image, and the ways the divine is manifested in every person, across every gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

2016 FotoEvidence Book Awards
November 2016

Each year, the FotoEvidence Book Awards recognize a photographer whose work demonstrates courage and commitment in the pursuit of social justice and human rights.

The Barberini Tapestries: Woven Monuments of Baroque Rome
March–June 2017

In its half-century of activity, the Barberini workshop custom-wove designs by some of the most eminent painters of the era, Peter Paul Rubens, Pietro da Cortona, and Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, and decorated the Vatican Palace, the Sistine Chapel, and the Palazzo Barberini. This magnificent exhibition will shed light on these objects as both an aesthetic experience and as cultural artifacts.