Photo: Jesse Robert Coffino

Current Exhibitions

The Value of Food
On view October 6, 2015–April 3, 2016

The Value of Food: Sustaining a Green Planet is a multimedia exhibition and series of public programming, in keeping with the Cathedral's long history of engagement with issues of social justice, the environment, support for the arts, and community involvement. The exhibition focuses on food security, accessibility, and sustainability by bringing together artists who not only grapple with these issues, but also actively engage the audience. Installed in the bays and chapels inside the Cathedral, as well as throughout the gardens, the exhibition is divided into seven thematic sections: Water, Soil, Seed, Farm, Market, Meal, and Waste—a reflection of the cycle of food production.

The Value of Food has an expanded website, with information on related events, the artists, and curators, available here.