Photo: Jesse Robert Coffino

Current Exhibitions

On view February – April 2015

Gregory Botts' collection of fourteen paintings returns to the Cathedral, having been previously displayed and enthusiastically received here in early 2011. These works, although rendered abstractly in tones of black, white, and gray, subtly parallels the traditional form of The Stations of the Cross. The blue squares on each canvas outline a cyclical progression, in reference to the "tragic idea of every moment's passing," but also embrace a theme of recurrence, following as Christ falls and is reborn.

Photo: Courtesy Gregory Botts

The Intersection of Dreams
On view March – April 2015

This Spring, Terry Flaxton's new work, The Intersection of Dreams, is a moving-image triptych inspired by Salvador Dalí's Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus). This piece's center presents a changing image of Christ—a Christ of varying race and gender—while the side panels of the triptych also shift, illustrating the reactions of a diverse, contemporary, and young audience.

Photo: Courtesy Terry Flaxton

These exhibitions are open during the Cathedral's regular hours, 7:30 am to 6 pm daily. There are no tickets or reservations needed.