Photo: Jesse Robert Coffino

Current Exhibitions

A Summer of Sculpture
Greg Wyatt: The Peace Fountain & Animals of Freedom
June 24–September 10, 2017
This summer we celebrate Greg Wyatt’s iconic Peace Fountain by immersing the Cathedral in sculpture. It’s been over thirty years since The Very Reverend James Parks Morton, Dean, invited Wyatt to be one of the Cathedral’s earliest Artists in Residence. Discussions between the Dean, Wyatt and the Trustees resulted in the design, casting and installation of the Peace Fountain, which has become a focal point of the campus and an integral part of the Cathedral’s identity. As we anticipate the newness of the future, we honor the Peace Fountain to underscore what abides at the Cathedral: a profound commitment to the values of peace, inclusion, dignity, love, imagination, social justice and discovery.

National Sculpture Society: A Blessing of Animals
June 24–September 10, 2017
The National Sculpture Society presents A Blessing of Animals, a juried exhibition of monumental animal sculpture featuring the works of 26 this country’s leading animal sculptors. Highlights include an eight-and-a-half-foot tall Grizzly bear; a Babel-like tower of frogs; ravens conversing from fence posts; a stalking bobcat; and a group of animal friends engaged in the childhood favorite, “Ring Around the Rosie.” Whether made of bronze, stone, or steel, the animal sculptures embody the diversity of talent and imagination of the participating artists.

The Art Students League: Model to Monuments Retrospective
June 24–September 10, 2017
Since 2010, the Art Students League of New York's Model to Monument program has trained a diverse, international group of 50 League artists in the process of creating large-scale sculpture for outdoor public spaces under the guidance of Greg Wyatt. This retrospective exhibition highlights the accomplishment of these artists by showcasing three-dimensional sculpture maquettes, which represent the students’ original designs, placed next to pictures of the finished sculptures in Riverside Park South, where the sculpture is viewed by over 200,000 annual park visitors.

Sing for Hope Piano
June 7–June 25, 2017
As NYC’s largest annual public art project, The Sing for Hope Pianos impacts an estimated 1 million New Yorkers and visitors each year. For two weeks each summer, 50 unique, artist-created Sing for Hope Pianos reside in the parks and public spaces of all five boroughs for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

The Barberini Tapestries: Woven Monuments of Baroque Rome
March 21–July 16, 2017

In its half-century of activity, the Barberini workshop custom-wove designs by some of the most eminent painters of the era, Peter Paul Rubens, Pietro da Cortona, and Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, and decorated the Vatican Palace, the Sistine Chapel, and the Palazzo Barberini. This magnificent exhibition will shed light on these objects as both an aesthetic experience and as cultural artifacts. More information on this exhibition is available here.