The American Poets Corner

Visitors come to the Cathedral’s American Poets Corner, located in the Arts Bay on the north side of the nave, curious to see who’s honored, to admire the stones, to pay homage. Poets, fiction writers, essayists, and dramatists: the American Poets Corner memorializes the literature of our nation in all its surprise, wit and beauty. The Cathedral's Poets Corner is modeled on the Poets’ Corner at Westminster Abbey, and in fact we have two poets in common: T. S. Eliot, an American who became a British citizen, and W. H. Auden, an Englishman who took American citizenship. (Longfellow is the only other American poet memorialized at the Abbey.) No writers are entombed within the Cathedral, as is sometimes the case at Westminster Abbey; rather, stone tablets are carved with names, dates, and a line from each writer’s work.