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Staff Spotlight: Peter Ennis REBECCA MERRILL OCTOBER 30, 2017

headshot of Peter Ennis

Name: Peter Ennis
Title: Liturgy Assistant
Neighborhood/Town you live in: Brooklyn, NY
Length of time you’ve worked at the Cathedral: Two years

What is your Cathedral origin story?
My parish is St. Michael’s on 99th Sreet & Amsterdam Ave and a number of years ago we were invited to provide acolytes for diocesan services like the Feast of Absalom Jones and the consecration services for Bishop Dietsche and Bishop Shin. When the Canon for Liturgy & Arts at the time, Julia Whitworth, was looking for and assistant in her office, she reached out to me.

What is a typical work day?
Check emails. Check the Clergy and St. Martin’s sacristies and worship service areas to see that everything is in place. Check supplies. Check schedules. A lot of checking.

What is your favorite event or ongoing program at the Cathedral?
The Blessing of the Bicycles in the Spring.

What is your favorite item in the Cathedral or on its grounds?
The carving of Nelson Mandela.

Who is your favorite peacock and why?
Phil, because he is different.

What is your experience with organized religion?
I grew up in the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa and was active throughout college and a few years after that but then drifted away for a while. When I came to the USA in 1986, I was not attending church until we were invited by friends to go to St. Michael’s around 1995. I immediatey felt welcome there and loved the beauty of the place, the people, and the liturgy.

What do you normally do after work or on your days off?
Go to the gym then home to make dinner or enjoy the dinner my husband made.

What are your favorite NYC cultural institutions?
I think New York City is one big cultural institution!

What are you watching on TV or reading at the moment?
Too much MSNBC! I need to find a new escape from reality.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Liturgy related advice: even if you aren’t sure what you are supposed to do, act as if you know!


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