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The Barberini Tapestries: Missa Cantata & Jephte REBECCA MERRILL APRIL 20, 2017

We installed The Barberini Tapestries in the style of the 17th century—on the walls at eye level—in order to transform the Chapel of St. James into a Baroque Chapel. On Wednesday, April 19th, we took the transformation a step further by celebrating a Latin Mass with Baroque music in the chapel.

The Reverend Canon Dr. Patrick Malloy celebrated the Missa Cantata of the Wednesday after Easter (Feria Quarta).

The Missal Canon Malloy used was from the Diocesan archive.

Canon Malloy discovered the vestments he wore in the Cathedral’s collection.

After the service concluded, the Cathedral’s Choir, under the direction of Kent Tritle with organist Raymond Nagem, performed Jephte by Giacomo Carissimi.

The piece, written around 1650, tells the story of Jephthah from the Old Testament. The judge promises to sacrifice the next person he sees after leading the Israelites to victory in battle, but the next person he sees is his daughter.

The Barberini Tapestries are on display through June 25. Check our calendar to see all upcoming events!


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