A Lenten Season Meditation from the Dean

FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Welcome to the Cathedral as we begin the Holy Season of Lent.

As we hear “You are dust and will return to dust,” we remember the cycle of life.

All things come from God. God hates nothing that God has made. The lost will find a way home. Nothing will return to God empty, but will be part of the plan of salvation.

The themes and sounds of Lent are an offering of renewal—an opportunity to start over.

Our mortality frames that promise as we acknowledge that we have our earthly life during which to spend the gifts entrusted to us, to make the unique contribution those efforts return to God.

The special liturgy of Ash Wednesday also reminds us that we are meant continually to be put in mind of God’s promise: if we repent and turn to God’s Love, we can always rediscover God's mercy, and that God will never give up on us or on creation.

May we this Lent see anew God’s love surrounding us. May we respond to that pattern of life—with contrite (broken) hearts, that are open to God’s grace. That will free us to walk humbly with the Companion Christ, who suffers and dies as one of us so that we can see more clearly that nothing can separate us from God's love.

May you and all you love be touched by that gift of Love, as each of us works for compassion, justice and peace in this world so dearly loved by God.