Textile Conservation Laboratory

The Cathedral is graced with several magnificent tapestries. Nearly 400 years old, these exquisite artworks in their muted harvest colors have been freshly conserved by the Cathedral's world-class Textile Conservation Lab, housed in the 19th-century lthiel Town Building. In the forefront of conservation technology, the Laboratory tailors its approach to the requirements, history and fragility of each textile. Its staff works meticulously to analyze, clean, and stabilize not only the Cathedral's own tapestries, but textiles of all kinds belonging to leading museums, private collectors, and clients concerned with one or more family pieces. The Lab often works on dozens of textiles at a time, as it is work that is best done in stages. As well as tapestries, projects have included Chinese and Indian carpets; Civil War uniforms; an embroidered British map from the 1930s, made by a child; an antique Peruvian dress; quilts, flags and upholstery. Selections from two 17th-century tapestry collections, the Life of Christ and The Acts of the Apostles, are often on view in the Cathedral Crossing and Nave.

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