Works in Progress

The Cathedral, famously unfinished, has been a work in progress for over 125 years. Projects to upkeep and conserve the historic buildings and grounds as well as create new, functional spaces that align with the Cathedral’s master construction plan are consistently being executed and conceived to align with our vision to be a Cathedral for the 21st Century.

Current Projects
Conservation and restoration of the Diocesan House façade
Stabilization and re-conception of the Cathedral’s Crypt
Stone inspection work
Upgrade to lighting, audio, and video system

Planned Projects
Renovation of the North Transept into bookstore, programming space, and outdoor café
Restoration of the outdoor pulpit, site of worship in the early days of Cathedral construction
Creation of an outdoor Pet Columbarium
The Chapel of Joseph of Arimathea as a place of rest and dignity for the unidentified remains in the Cathedral’s care
Restoration and renovation of Synod House
Upgrade of perimeter fencing and retaining walls
Cleaning of Cathedral’s exterior